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There are a three primary methods of using essential oils and different benefits for each method.  Find out more. 


With hundreds of essential oils knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Learn the basics with an overview of the top 10 oils. 


You can buy products labeled as essential oils everywhere, but only dōTERRA has Certified Pure Tested Grade oils.

Learn how to buy.


About us...

Sharing modern day natural living strategies

Welcome to Modern mama, my name is Kelli.  I am passionate about living a natural lifestyle  and educating others how to do the same.  If you're here, that means you're interested in starting your wellness journey or for continued education.  Either way, I am so excited to be part of it. 


Some of the things you'll find here  are simple tips and tricks that are both easy to execute and will greatly impact your life.  I am eager to teach you how to implement these simple lifehacks and how to grow a business doing what you love 

Essential Oils Tips and Tricks

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