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Fun Find Friday

The Roam Diffuser

The Roam diffuser is a beautiful neutral color, cord-free, battery powered; with a charging dock. The specs and features include:

  • Water capacity: 100 mL/6.7fl. oz

  • Suggested room size: Up to 270sq. ft/25sq. m

  • Continuous operation: Adapter powered—up to 5 hours, battery powered—up to 4 hours

  • Intermittent operation (5 minutes ON/5 minutes OFF): Adapter powered—up to 10 hours, battery powered—up to 8 hours

  • Cord-free and battery-powered, with a charging dock

  • Responsibly created with eco-friendly post-consumer recycled resin

  • Ambient white, warm, and cyan light options

  • Automatic safety shut off

We have ours docked in our master bedroom right next to the door. Location is key, its so important to place your diffuser and essential oils in high traffic areas as a reminder to use regularly. Filling it up with our favorite nighttime oils (Serenity, Balance and Breathe) has become part of my nightly routine The Roam diffuser shuts off automatically and is nice to use as a nightlight as well.

Another great use for this diffuser is in the evening times or anytime spent outdoors. The cordless feature makes it awesome to take on the go and enjoy wherever life takes you. We like to fill with our favorite bug repellent essential oil, specifically the newly formulated TerraSheild (reflects EPA guidelines and regulations as a registered repellent in the US and has tested at greater than 90% efficacy at more than 4 HOURS).

While it only holds about 6-7 oz. of water, it packs a big punch. I am super impressed with the amount of steam that comes forth and the difference it makes in just a short amount of time.

This has been a game changer at our house. I'm not going to lie, I was a little hesitant at first. It looked small and I already had the Pilot diffuser (a portable travel diffuser) why would I need another? Despite the lack of need, I went ahead and pulled the trigger anyways, because one can never have too many diffusers, am-I-right?!? Boy, am I glad that I did! If you don't already own this unique diffuser, I highly recommend it! You can purchase here -->

Needing some new diffuser blends to try out, take a look below and let me know what you think!

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