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How to make a Smokey Fashioned

The old fashioned is one of the most classic cocktails.  Simple syrup and bitters with any spirit was one of the few most basic cocktails.   We love making variations of this simple drink to add a little more flavor variations and complexity.  One of the most popular variations we have come across is the "Smokey Fashioned" designed to recreate the classic flavors of eating a s'more around a camp fire.  Fairly simple to make but intense in flavor and theatrics in creation.


  • 2 oz. whiskey (Rye)

  • 1 oz. simple syrup or lump of sugar

  • Chocolate bitters

  • Large Ice Cube

  • Garnish (orange peel, maraschino cherries, or small marshmallows)



We believe in using Rye whiskey for cocktails because the flavor profile compliments cocktails without getting lost in the sweetness of the drink. 

Simple Syrup:

Bar tenders will typically tell you that to make a proper Old Fashioned, you must muddle sugar lumps.  We don't like to spend that much time when making our drinks (we have kids and need fast solutions) so we make simple syrup in batches and store in the refrigerator.  Our simple syrup recipe is boiling water and mixing 2:1 water to turbinado sugar.


Typically an Old Fashioned is made with Angostura bitters, which imparts an orange flavor to the drinks.  Because our variation is recreating a camp fire s'more we chose to use chocolate bitters instead.


  • Pile a small amount of the apple wood chips in a dish

  • Use the culinary torch to ignite the wood chips

  • Cover the wood chips with the rocks glass upside down

  • Allow flame to extinguish and smoke to fill the glass

  • Remove glass and add ice cube

  • Alternative: if using cube sugar do not add ice. Instead add sugar cube and 3-5 dashes of bitters. Then muddle sugar in the bitters to dissolve sugar.

  • Add Rye and simple syrup (if not using sugar cubes)

  • Add 3-5 dashes of bitters

  • Stir with bar spoon

  • Garnish with your choice of the following:

  • Orange peel

  • Maraschino cherries

  • Small toasted marshmallows


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