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How to make a tree swing

Make Back Yards Great Again!

Do you enjoy taking your kids to the park?

The parent circle around the play equipment with all the people you have seen many times but don’t talk to. The awkward moments of “someone should really intervene here”... “did he just do that?” ... on no he didn’t, not to my kid, here comes momma bear!”

Parks are great and the social skills developed by kids (and parents) are valuable. But you don’t have to go to the park every time the kids want to swing or play. You can bring the swing to your yard with a lot less effort than you think.

If you don’t have any DIY skills there are some kits that you can get like this Swurfer set from Amazon.

If can navigate a miter saw or at least hand drill here is a simple tutorial for how to make a simple inexpensive tree swing.


  • 2x12 treated board cut to desired width (36 in)

  • 100ft of 300lb woven nylon rope cut into 2x50ft sections

  • 4 rope clamps


  • Drill with 1/2 in paddle bit

  • Saw

  • Ladder

  • Torch or electrical tap to secure the cut ends of the rope


  • Use a saw to cut the board to the desired width. I cut mine to 40 inches to allow multiple little ones to sit or stand on the swing at the same time.

  • Use a drill to make holes in each of the 4 corners. I chose to drill the holes at 1.5 inches from each edge to maximize surface of the swing and ensure strength of the edges.

  • Find a tree with a study branch at least 12 to 15 feet off the ground.

  • Measure the height of the branch to the ground (H). Make sure you are aware if the branch curves up or down your height for the placement of each rope may be different.

  • Cut the rope twice the height of the branch plus an additional 2 feet. This means each rope should be: Rope=2H+2ft.

  • Either use a heat source such as a torch or use electrical tape to secure the cut ends of the rope from fraying.

  • At the mid-point of the rope 4 inches down apply the two rope clamps to create a loop at the mid-point.

  • Wrap the rope over the tree branch and on the underside of the branch insert the two loose ends through the loop.

  • Insert the two loose ends through the holes drilled in the swing board.

  • Tie 3-4 knots at the end of the rope at the desire height of the swing.

  • Repeat for the other rope.

  • Done!...

You now have an amazing tree swing and you can avoid the awkwardness of the park all together and keep your kids busy (or fighting over the swing) for hours in your own back yard!

Let us know how your swing turned out or what variation you have been successful with.

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