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How does your family decide on what to dress up each year for Halloween? Leave it up to the kids? Make the decision for everyone, no ifs, ands or buts? Are you into coordinating family outfits? This holiday is always so much fun for our family these days because it involves silly-ness and creativity which perfectly describes our 8 year old daughter. When the kids were younger we used to buy the super cute pottery barn styled costumes, usually mid-late October to catch them on sale, but by that time they were usually fairly picked over and no one ever got what they actually wanted.

The past couple of years we have been letting the kids help decide what we will be dressing up as a family. The dynamics of our family include a big sister and 2 younger brothers. I'll let you take a wild guess about who we were last year... thats right, THE INCREDIBLES, take a look!

Mr. Made was even a sport about it as well, wearing bright, red yoga pants from Athleta. We had our shirts created on the Ginger Peach Tee Etsy shop and she did a fabulous job, but I would recommend sizing up and washing once because they did shrink.

This year, after visiting Disneyland this summer and meeting, Jasmine, my daughter was adamant about being Jasmine for Halloween, which is how we arrived at our costumes. We will be debuting Jasmine, Jaffar, and Abu, Aladdin and Mrs. Genie ;);) Looking forward to another fun year of carnivals, trick-or-treatin' and sillyness. This years costumes were found through a variety of stores including The Disney Store, Amazon and Athleta. Here is a sneak peak at this years, still waiting on a couple of pieces to arrive, but we are off to a great start...

Finding costumes that all match within a reasonable budget can be frustrating; so we try and do a mixture of "hand-made" and straight up store bought if we aren't' having any luck. Here is how we picked out our costumes pieces. Trickiest costume of the whole bunch was Jaffar. There are plenty of adult "Jaffar" costumes available everywhere, but trying to find something that fit my 6 year old was nearly impossible. We found the hat first and thank goodness my son has a huge head because it's an "adult" size and then hodge-podge the rest. The Cape, is listed as a "Dracula/magician" cape at the local halloween store. The belt was also found at the local store. Next up on the diffuculty list was the genie costume, amazon saved the day on the awesome headpiece, bodysuit, lamp, and "elf" booties. The skirt was found at the local halloween store at a great priAbu's outfit was a little trickier because my son is in between toddler and littel kid sizes, but amazon had an adorable monkey costume that we added a hat to that matched Aladdin's hat. Aladdin and Jasmin were bought in complete packages from the Disney store and Amazon. Would love to hear some of your tips and tricks you use when searching/buying coordinateing costumes.

If you are still undecided on what to be for Halloween this year, below are some ideas I've accumulated to help you out!

~ The Presidents or candidates; Secret service

~ Peter Pan

~ The Adams Family

~ 101 Dalmations

~ The Characters from Scooby Doo

~ The Wizard of Oz

~ Minions

~ Farmer and Farm Animals

~ Little Red Riding hood and the big bad wolf

~ Characters from the Decendent movies if you have older kiddos

Would love to hear/see what everyone is dressing up as!

Until next time, XOXO,

Modern Mama

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