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Unique Holiday Photo Ideas

Do you want to stand out with your holiday photos?

Do you want your holiday cards to be unique and memorable?

Do you want to get one of a kind photo ideas without spending a fortune?

Anyone and everyone can go to a tree farm or a pumpkin patch to get their Christmas or Fall photos taken either with a self portrait or by a photographer, but it takes a unique perspective and only a little bit of extra work to make your photos stand out and give them that charm of a fantasy world.

Many people think that you need fancy equipment or expensive photo editing software to remove the people from your standard backgrounds and put them in a fantasy world, but this is simply not true. While it is easier to accomplish this goal with a solid color backdrop such as a green screen and expensive editing software; modern applications and phone apps make it possible so even a novice photo enthusiast can achieve the same effect without a degree in photography or graphic design. For example, the image below was made entirely on my cell phone using the App called "Photo Cutout".

It all starts with the idea. What fantasy world do you want to create? Do you want to put your children dressed as Disney Characters in the story setting of the movies? Do you want to put your family image set on the north pole in Santa's workshop? A current trend in the digital world is transposing children making snow angels in cookie flour like they are going to be made into Christmas cookies.

Many people may look at this photo and think that a professional must create it but that simply isn't true. Here are the quick and easy steps that you can follow using a simple app such as the photo cutout app or if you have software such as photoshop then you can use the power of your computer to make the image even better.


It all starts with the background. If you have cupboards full of baking supplies, and equipment and time to set it all up then you can definitely do it yourself. Simply arrange the equipment and supplies such as a rolling pin, cookie cutters, eggs, flour dishes, cinnamon, etc. on a cutting board or just across your counter and take an image with some good side lighting (like near a window) using your phone or camera.

Quick Tip: if you don't have the time for all of this you can simply go to etsy and download already curated backgrounds for photos like this or any number of other unique photo backgrounds.


After you have the back ground, you now know what poses you want your subjects to have. For this photo it is obviously spread on the ground posed like a snow angel, but for other back grounds the poses might be something completely different. The important part that will make your editing easier is to limit the complexity of the back ground when taking the photos of your subjects. This will make the removal of your back ground easier. For this image we unrolled some large white paper on the floor and took the pictures on top of the paper.

Remove Back Ground and Compile:

After you have photographed all of your subjects you can remove the backgrounds from each photo. This is really best accomplished in Photoshop or an equivalent program but as discussed can definitely be done in phone apps such as cutout.

After all the backgrounds are removed you can compile the images by merging all the photos and rotating each to fit the background.

Quick Tips:

  • Exposures: It is important to try to edit each of the people pictures with light and exposures to try and match the background. If any of the people pictures is too bright or dark compared to the back ground it is being merged with then the final image will look off.

  • Perspectives: If your merged images don't seem to be looking correct, one thing to try is changing the zoom settings on your phone or camera. Even with this image, I think the perspectives could use some adjustments.

Thanks for reading. Let us know what other ideas you have had for fun holiday images or any other images you would like us to try.

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